About Our Karaoke Video Recorder:

Here's What MyKaraokeVideo.com Can Do For You:

MyKaraokeVideo.com is the simplest and fastest way to Sing and Record ΑΝΥ Karaoke Song you want on Windows and Linux (Ubuntu). No software downloads or extensions are required. You are able to record, download and share your Karaoke Videos on the web instantly. MyKaraokeVideo.com is the ONE AND ONLY Online FREE Karaoke Video Recorder!

Quick Record!

Start your Karaoke recording with a single click! No more signups, no more software downloads and no more extensions required. Simply visit (https://mykaraokevideo.com) using Chrome or Firefox and click Start Recording. MyKaraokeVideo.com is also compatible with Windows / Mac and Ubuntu!

How to record your karaoke videos Step By Step (GOOGLE CHROME):

2. Enter the Youtube Video Url Of The Karaoke Song That You Want to Sing and CLick on Button: (FETCH YOUTUBE VIDEO)!
3. Allow MyKaraokeVideo.com to Use Your Camera and Your Microphone by Clicking Allow at the Top Left of Your Screen!
4. From the Share Your Screen Tab, Click On: Chrome Tab, Choose the Tab: Online FREE Karaoke Recorder, Click - (TICK) the Option: Share Audio and Click: Share!
That's it! Your Recording Is On The Way!
TIP: Make the Above Steps As Quikly As Possible Because the Youtube Video Is Already Started Playing Automatically, From The Moment That You Clicked: (FETCH YOUTUBE VIDEO)! Also, for better sound quality, use headphones and a microphone! In case you don't have one, reduce the intensity of Youtube Video at 50%

Instant Download!

You are able to download your recording instantly just by following the instructions of the process! Even an hour long video could be downloaded within seconds.

Have Fun! :-)